ABSTRACTS - Room 120

All sessions take place in Butler-Carlton Hall on the Missouri S&T campus


Love-Hate stories of Cell Phones in Classrooms


     Dr. F. Scott Miller - Teaching Professor of Materials Science & Engineering; Missouri S&T
     Dr. Nicolas A. Libre - Assistant Teaching Professor of Civil, Architectural, & Environmental Engineering; Missouri S&T

Audience: Higher Education

Time and Location: 12:15 - 1:00 p.m.; Room 120

Cell phones that are typically viewed as a disruption by the teachers are much more powerful than most desktop computers back in early 2000s. A study conducted by common sense media shows that the cell phones are banned in 69% of classes in the U.S. schools. The idea of this presentation is demonstrating some examples on how to take advantage of such a portable and powerful device that many college students carry in their pocket in order to activate them during class time. Several active learning strategies that have been implemented in large classes will be presented and discussed.

Maximizing the Co-op experience: Step 1


Presenter: Dr. Robert W. Schwartz - Director of Special Projects for MU Extension Business Development; University of Missouri

Audience: Higher Education

Time and Location: 1:15 - 2:00 p.m., Room 120

ABET student learning outcomes were broken down into specific occupational skills, as described by O*NET.  This analysis formed the basis for a longitudinal study of professional growth/skill development for students who completed a co-op appointment.  In this presentation, the approach used to deconstruct ABET student learning outcomes, survey techniques utilized and results from pre- and post- co-op student surveys will be reviewed.  Strategies to enhance the benefit of co-op and internship appointments on skill development will also be discussed.

Next Generation Curriculum Mapping: Making Teaching and Learning Visible


     Dr. Danna Wren - Director of Course Design & Technology; University of Missouri-Columbia
     Dr. Victoria Mondelli - Director of the Teaching for Learning Center; University of Missouri-Columbia

Audience: Higher Education

Time and Location: 2:15 - 3:00 p.m., Room 120

Ever wondered if your students are really learning what they should in your courses? What are they learning in other courses that impacts what should be covered in yours? During this hands-on session, you will start a curriculum map so that you can identify exactly what learning is being assessed and how. We will then show how we expand that mapping across a program, division or university using Coursetune, which is a shared, visually stunning design tool that facilitates optimal curriculum pathways, leading to better learner engagement and outcomes.

Effective Teaching: Tips from Award Winning Teachers


Dr. Irina Ivliyeva (Moderator) - Professor of Arts, Languages, and Philosophy and Chair of the Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence; Missouri S&T
     Dr. Beth Cudney - Associate Professor of Engineering Management & Systems Engineering; Missouri S&T
     Dr. Larry Gragg - Chancellor's Professor of History & Political Science; Missouri S&T
     Dr. Gary Mueller - Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering; Missouri S&T
     Dr. Fiona Nah - Professor of Business & Information Technology; Missouri S&T
     Dr. Jillian Schmidt - Assistant Teaching Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering; Missouri S&T
     Dr. Joe Stanley - Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering; Missouri S&T
     Dr. Ann Torrusio - Assistant Teaching Professor; Pierre Laclede Honors College; University of Missouri-St. Louis

Audience: Higher Education

Time and Location: 3:15 - 4:15 p.m., Room 120

Using the framework of the National Survey of Student Engagement http://nsse.iub.edu/nsse-update/, teaching award winners from S&T campus offer insights on dealing with academic challenges, provide examples of effective teaching strategies across disciplines and classroom formats,  and share ways to implement high impact teaching practices that help students to focus on learning.