Thanks to everyone who submitted a video!

First place: Dr. Nick Libre, assistant teaching professor; Civil, Arch & Environmental Engineering

  • Dr. Nick Libre captured how he presented a lecture and then had his Mechanics of Materials' students work together and individually to solve the practice problems.  Dr. Libre has been using this method for two semesters and has tracked  how this active learning method has proven to be effective in his classroom.



Second place:  Dr. Katie Shannon, associate teaching professor, Biological Sciences

  • Dr. Katie Shannon demonstrates how “flipped Friday” works in her Biological Science class.  Students come to class on Fridays working on problem sets in groups, and she has seen how this method has helped students use higher level thinking.  Dr. Shannon has now implemented this active learning strategy for four years.



 Third place: Olivia Kerwin, professor of mathematics, Ozarks Technical Community College – Waynesville

  • Professor Olivia Kerwin uses a creative method to increase her student’s understanding on how to factor polynomials. Students are given a small piece of code and each student must bring their part to the group in order to decode the message. Olivia has seen how this activity produces higher level thinking with her students as they must explain to their peers how they arrived at their answers and check each others work.